HTWS is thrilled to offer 1-on-1 song feedback.

1-on-1 feedback is designed for:

  • Songs you have already finished and want to improve.
  • Works in progress that need a little guidance to structure, form, flesh out or finish.
  • General personal instruction on tools, strategies and techniques for making your songs as effective as they can be, including personalized exercises to focus on your areas of development.

Our Feedback Team.

Our team are not only working songwriters and performers; they are formally trained musicians with expert ears, and the ability to identify and explain their suggestions so that you can improve your songs and songwriting immediately. Keppie and Benny have hand-picked colleagues from the industry that they themselves go to for songwriting advice. Our expert team of songwriters are uniquely qualified, as:

  • Working songwriters and performers
  • Qualified with Music degrees
  • Reviewed hundreds of songs

Meet the Team.

Cassandra Long

Cassandra is a singer, educator, writer, and performer based in Sydney, Australia. Having graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Songwriting and Music Production, she currently lectures at Berklee Online, and performs in indie/folk duo, Walt Grace.

As a mentor, Cassandra is passionate about supporting writers while they hone their craft, using tools and techniques to form strong emotional connections with their audiences through song, and amplify their artistry. She is keen to instil her love of creativity and songwriting in all.

Listen to Cassandra’s music here.