Weekend Songwriting Intensive

Kickstart 2024 with an immersive weekend of songwriting, led by Keppie and Benny.

Start the new year with creativity and momentum by diving into an intensive weekend of songwriting with Keppie and Benny – and songwriters from around the world.


January 6 & 7 2024 (USA)

January 7 & 8 2024 (Aus)



In your own home – live online through Zoom.

What you’ll do and learn

Over 2 days, you’ll follow a step-by-step songwriting method for writing a complete song, start to finish—in addition to plenty of private writing time to work on your ideas.

You’ll come away from the Weekend Intensive not only with a brand-new song, but with your songwriter tool belt stocked with methods, processes, techniques, and concepts for generating ideas, developing song ideas, and structuring them into songs that communicate powerfully to others.

This Weekend Intensive is radically practical—you will be writing at every stage. Keppie and Benny will show you (and demonstrate) how to think about creating effective contrast in your songs, how to spotlight important moments, and how to craft lyrics, melody, chords, and song structures that express your ideas and emotion through song.

Detailed Schedule

Saturday Jan 6

4-7pm (EST)

8-11am Sunday Jan 7 (Aus)

Songwriting Workshop #1

Masterclass and Workshop combined.

7-9pm (EST)

11am-1pm Sunday Jan 7 (Aus)

Structured Writing

Time to write.

9-10pm (EST)

1-2pm Sunday Jan 7 (Aus)

Songwriter Check-in

A chance to troubleshoot and gather ideas.

Sunday Jan 7

4-7pm (EST)

8-11am Mon Jan 8 (Aus)

Songwriting Workshop #2

Masterclass and Workshop combined.

7-9pm (EST)

11am-1pm Mon Jan 8 (Aus)

Structured Writing

Finishing the first draft.

9-11pm (EST)

1-3pm Mon Jan 8

Song Feedback Session

Song feedback to Premium ticket participants.

What people are saying

“I had read lots of books on songwriting…but it seemed just too difficult to be able to apply it. It has been invaluable witnessing your editing process. I feel so much better about the songs now! I already feel more confident about getting my first set of originals across the finish line and recording them. It means the world to me.”

Duncan Ford

“I feel like I’m able to get my songs about 80% of the way there, and the feedback from Keppie and Benny help to steer that last vital 20%, that I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own.”

Mikey Fowler


“I feel so incredibly lucky and overwhelmed, in such an amazing way, by the live feedback session today, and the Chorus Workshop I’ve attended so far. You are so inspiring, Keppie! Thank you for all the feedback I got on the song I brought in, and also for the tips, resources, and of course a big thank you for listening!”

– Liio Chantel, Songwriter, and HTWS Community member

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