Songwriting Group | Participation Policy

Giving feedback

The fundamental philosophy of the Songwriting Groups is one of respect and inclusivity. When giving feedback to others, a great framework is to make it Kind, Specific, and Actionable.

Here’s an example:

I loved the lyrical hook in the Chorus! It was such a simple but effective phrase. I wonder if there might be another melodic choice, or some way to create a melodic moment that really highlights that lyric? For example, you could try introducing a higher note on the word “blue”.
Lovely to listen to your work 🙂

When feedback is not so good…

If you keep “kind, specific, and actionable” in mind, there will *almost* never be a problem. But it’s important (even if a bit difficult) to talk about when feedback goes wrong, especially when it’s not really constructive feedback.

Here are a few things that will never be tolerated in this group; any feedback or comments that are:

  • racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic
  • put-downs, intimidation, or bullying of any kind

If you ever feel that someone has crossed a line, please do not hesitate to email me (

If there is ever a circumstance in which an issue has been raised, it is the sole discretion of myself to deem a comment or feedback as in breach of these guidelines, and to exclude a participant from the Group. If a participant in deemed to have breached the guidelines, they will be fully refunded their registration fee.

By registering for the Songwriting Group, you are agreeing to accept these conditions.