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    1. I wanted to say thank you for such solid concrete principles for songwriting. I always felt like this topic seemed so subjective and mysterious. I barely benefited from most of the lessons on songwriting by other teachers because they couldn’t articulate the actual craft. Your challenges, bulleted points, great examples and demonstrations make it both fun and educational. Bottom line, it just works! Thank you!! I have purchased one of the online courses. In in the process of writing my first EP…after many years of tricking out songs.
      Rob Webb
      North Carolina


    2. Hiya
      Love your content on YouTube…has helped give me helpful nudges at times. Wondering if ye have or would do a vid sharing thoughts on using AI for songwriting? It’s such an emergent consideration…I don’t use it and and wary of doing so .im v slow at writing so AI seems such an easy but slippery slope…like relying on a crossword solver…also less sense of ownership…
      Yet I use rhymezone so I consoder it all shades of grey…I start to wonder if people I know who produce a lot of content are using AI and I’m sure there comes a point where your at a competitive disadvantage if not using the scope of tools availabile…also there are some AI type of apps that are great for helping learning…clearly there are huge unknowns on how this will change everything…there will be purists and those who embrace change straightaway…love to hear your thoughts…


      1. Thanks Patrick! Yes – it’s been on my mind, and various experiments I’ve done with it so far (both in idea generation, lyric idea generation, and education) have shown me useful ways to use it. Thanks for the nudge.


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