Songwriting Prompt of the Week

Today is the second fortnight of the Songwriting Groups I run (if you want more info on the groups, please check it out here).

Here, I’m sharing the prompt from today, as it is a little more unusual than the prompts I normally send.

[The prompts I normally send for Songwriting Group are short phrases, designed to catalyse an idea, rather than anything pedagogical; things like “dangerously close”; “making the bed”; “Babylon hairdo” (Yes, that was actually a prompt…!)]

Here is today’s prompt:

Write a song based on a place, where the place features as a central image of the song.

For example, “The River” by Bruce Springsteen.

“Ladies of the Canyon”, by Joni Mitchell.

Here are some suggestions on a way into this:

  1. Spend 10 minutes Sense writing about one of these places (got the PLACES section of the prompts); OR
  2. Pick a city or town that has special significance to you, and write about it; OR
  3. Where were you when a significant event occurred (either directly to you, or something that impacted you)? Describe the place in detail, and make the place an important aspect of your lyric writing.


PS – Here is the song I wrote for this prompt! My partner and I agree on most things. There’s one where we don’t: The Stanwell Park Overpass just south of Sydney (aka Sea Cliff Bridge).
I think it’s beautiful.
He thinks it’s awful.

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