‘Write a Song in 60 mins’ Workshop—Oct 21/22 2023

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This is a totally hands-on, practical workshop. In 60 minutes, we’ll be working through a 5-step process for writing great songs, fast.

You will come away from this workshop with a finished first draft of a song.

If you are a songwriter of any level of experience, and struggle with unfinished work, this workshop is made especially for you.

Not only will you finish a first draft of one of your songs, but you will walk away with a practical and repeatable 5-step process that will help you finish songs for the rest of your life.

The mental models that professional songwriters use to generate great songs quickly and reliably are techniques that are available to anyone at any level.

Who this is for.

Songwriters of any level who:

  • Have folders full of ideas, snippets, and half-written songs.
  • Have great ideas, but are unsure how to turn them into the songs they imagine in their heads.
  • Have only written a few songs, and want to understand a reliable and repeatable process for writing songs.

What you need to bring.

We will be actively writing a song during this 60 mins. You will need:

  • An instrument to be writing a song on (keyboard, guitar, DAW you are proficient with).
  • The ability to play at least 3 chords on your instrument.
  • A notebook and pen.
  • A computer and internet connection (Workshop is via Zoom).
  • You can either bring an unfinished song you want to finish, a seed of an idea, or start completely fresh.

This Workshop is delivered live through Zoom.

Early bird tickets (20% discount) until Oct 11.

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