Upcoming Songwriting Workshop | ‘Understanding Chords: How to 10x Your Chord Options in 2 Simple Steps’

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This is a totally hands-on, practical workshop. We’ll tackle two of the biggest questions in songwriting: ‘How do I know what chords to use?’ and, ‘How do I write more interesting songs?’

In this 90-minute workshop, we’ll explore a process for writing chord progressions that doesn’t feel random, doesn’t get repetitive and gives you total control over the direction you’d like to take your song.

Firstly, we’ll look at the relationships between chords and analyse their function in relation to the ‘home’ key – giving you an awareness of what options and substitutions are available when crafting your song.

Secondly we’ll look at how to make your chord progressions endlessly interesting with a simple 2-step technique focusing on ‘borrowed chords’ – chords that come from outside of the key you’re writing in, so you’ll never feel stuck or lost for ideas.

Finally, we’ll put this method to the test by creating a series of chord sequences that can be can then be modified with variations and chord substitutions.


This workshop is for songwriters who have some experience with playing chords but want to expand their knowledge and apply new skills to their songwriting process.

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